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Arjun Reddy Faces Public Trail

Protests arose against Arjun Reddy’ even in Andhra Pradesh, even as Police get complaints against the film unit, thanks to the suddenly awakened conscience of some AP politicians. Not minding the approvals the movie got from the concerned institution, they demand an immediate ban on the film. They suggest that the film will have a bad effect on the youth, taking the role of expert psychriattrist themselves. Especially the bold-intimate scenes are very objectionable, they complained to the police. The local politicians, Gautam Reddy, Punyasheela and Yadala Srinivas complained about the film to the Vijayawada City Police Commissioner Ramana Kumar.

On the other side, Hyderabad State Student Federation of Osmania University also complained to the City police about the negative effects, they say, it will have on youth and asked for a ban.

Vijay Devarakonda is in and as Arjun Reddy, while debutant Sandeep Vanga directed the film, that became the centre of yet another controversy. But, the film has achieved instant success with the targetted audience, mostly the youth. However, some veteran leaders like V. Hanumantha Rao from Congress, are angry at the way the film is promoting itself, with a daring lip kiss on the poster. VH also torn one such poster. But, Vijay Devarakonda get into the act against VH and they exchanged some comments as well. Now the controversy has also erupted in AP, as the people’s focus is on the film.

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