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Baahubali 2, 8cr views believable?

The most awaited movie in Indian cinema is Bahubali 2 and the most popular question Why Kattappa killed Bahubali ? has not only limited to Tolloywood but also spread wings through out the nation. S S Rajamouli who is perfectionist in narrating the script on screen and creating amazing character like sivagami and kattappa has released the Trailer on March 16 and it has crossed 31 million views in just 5 days that is only Telugu trailer .

Were in the strategy of Andhra pradesh and Telengana population is 8 crores and on an average people who are using internet is 1/4 .Lets assume that all that 1/4 people who are using internet have watched bahubali 2 trailer than also the figure will not match. Promotions of movie especially movie like Bahubali should aim to reach the people but not to create unnecessary hype in public .Social Media will sure help to create the visibility in the market but at the same time by using The Key Digital marketing strategy by production house are increasing likes and viewers and creating social buzz in the market is unhealthy way of promotion

Rajamouli is very intelligent person he will sell the show with lot of Content,Dharma,Creativity. Person like him who has taken Cinema Industry to other leave doesn’t need any kind false promotion to attack public . Rajamouli has already made Bahubali such a huge hit and infact he has the hold on his audience for 2 years with the last scene of bahubali ( Kattappa killing bahubali ) which itself a record in it.Movie like Bahubali and Director like Rajamouli shouldn’t need the social media buzz to make Bahubali 2 a super hit

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