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BJP to play ‘Cat on Wall’ in AP?

‘For now, we are an ally of TDP, but can’t say about the alliance related to 2019,’ is the official line of BJP about Andhra Pradesh. They suggest that they clearly have a vote bank from 15 to 20 per cent in the state, and with a five per cent increase till 2019, they could be winning 15 to 25 assembly seats on their own, they insist.

In Telangana, BJP’s alliance with TDP is visibly volatile. The war of words has been common. While the orange party says their vote bank is getting lesser due to alliance with TDP, a party with origins in AP, the Yellow party says they are loosing minority vote due to BJP.

In Andhra Pradesh, BJP estimates that there could be a hung in the 2019 elections. Since there could be only three major parties in the state, with TDP and YSRCP fighting for the power. In this context, the seats that BJP wins could become a ‘deciding factor’, say not just the state BJP leaders, but those at national level as well.

So, though the BJP is in alliance with TDP now, it could play a ‘cat on wall’ in 2019. The way BJP treated YCP even while it is in alliance with TDP for the past many years, also indicate that it is ready to jump the ship if an oppurtunity avails itself. But, reports suggest that TDP president Chandrababu is expected to contest the 2019 polls along with BJP. But, the BJP seems to have their own plans, which are clearly visible. So, it is understandable that the TDP is constantly trying to poke at YCP MLAs and try and weaken the party as much as possible in the time that they have till 2019.

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