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BNI gives fillip to MSME, Start-up ecosystem!

Hyderabad, June 28th, 2017: MSMEs, which are the backbone of most economies, make a significant contribution to Indian economy too, by being one of the largest employers after agricultural sector, accounting for 17% of the GDP, contribute 45% of our industrial output and 40% of exports. This tribe is rapidly expanding with more and more youngsters foraying into self employment and setting up Start-ups.

There are at least two challenges an entrepreneur has to take head on to make a success of his business, having domain expertise in the business he is venturing into and executing a winning marketing strategy. Most entrepreneurs venture into business they have a foothold in and more often succeed in creating a sound product. But their travails begin here, as they are clueless on how to reach out to the market. More than a third of the SMEs tend to trip in their initial years due to poor marketing strategy, inability to afford promotional expenditure or a marketing team etc.

It is to address such challenges of MSMEs, Startups and the hapless entrepreneurs in this era of market disruption, Business Network International (BNI), a mutual benefit network of entrepreneurs originated in USA. This highly success American franchise business network was conceptualized and fine tuned to be result oriented, by an American, Dr Ivan Misner. It works on the simple philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’, if you help others to win business, they will want to help you win business. BNI has evolved into the world’s greatest business network organisation and world’s leading ‘referral organisation.’

BNI is a platform where members work as sales promoters for each other. Every member constantly explores opportunities to generate business for fellow members. Often even the best of the dedicated sales professionals employed by an organisation may not match up to this motivated sales force.

Addressing media on the eve of the fifth anniversary of BNI Hyderabad, Mr Bharath Shah, Executive Director, BNI East & West, Hyderabad; Mr T Satish Kumar, Sr. Director Consultant, BNI, Hyderabad; Ms Sanjana Shah, Director Consultant, BNI, Hyderabad and Capt. Anand, Director Consultant, BNI, Hyderabad; said BNI has given a fillip to MSME and, Startup ecosystem in India and that BNI Hyderabad is celebrating its 5th anniversary by hosting a MSME seminar & exhibition ‘GONAT 2017’ on 1st July, 2017, from 10 am., with some renowned faculty from across the country including Mr Bhavesh Bhatia, a visually challenged entrepreneur; Mr Rajiv Talreja, author of best-selling book LEAD Or BLEED; Mr Mahesh Mac Srinivasan, President, Asia Pacific & National Director, India, BNI and Mr Murali Srinivasan, addressing the delegates on best business practices.

Mr Bharath Shah says, The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals.

Today, BNI has 221,000 members in 8,026 local chapters in 77 countries. Members globally passed on 9.3 million referrals which translated into over $13.5 Bn worth of business in the preceding twelve months alone. The BNI at Hyderabad is completing 5 years this June and already has 1000 staunch advocates of the concept across 23 chapters.

Last year alone BNI Hyderabad facilitated Rs 550 crs of business and is continuing with its spree of fostering the growth of entrepreneurship and business in this part of the country, says Mr Shah.

It currently has 321 Chapters with over 14,720 members in thirty one cities in India, which are equally robust and growing from strength to strength. Members passed 5,66,909 referrals in India, which translated into over Rs. 5005 crores of referral Business in 2016.

We are one organisation which is persistently working towards making our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s dream of ‘Make In India’, a realty, opines Mr Shah. Each of our members is hungry for that extra business and this quest will propel the growth of Indian business, he adds.

BNI has successfully shaped itself into a win-win proposition for patrons through some steadfast stipulations. BNI members meet every week to discuss business and support each other by sharing referrals. To avoid any conflict of interest each chapter allows one person per occupational classification. New member have to be recommended by an existing member, who can vouch for the service. To ensure regular participation in the meeting, three abstentions during a rolling six month period is permitted and beyond that membership is revoked. During the weekly meetings lasting for 90 minutes from 8.00 am, members educate fellow members on their business or service in a precise 30 seconds and later pass on referrals, thank you notes and testimonials for fellow members. The trust member built with his client helps when he recommends a fellow member for any other service wanted by the client and ensures easy entry and conversion. BNI encourages members to attend regular training programs, which equip them with business etiquette, maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor, fine tuning the business pitch for clients etc.

The weekly presentations and extensive training sessions groom the entrepreneurs into well rounded professionals, who shape up to handle their day to day business challenges with great aplomb, says Mr Shah.

This prestigious ‘GONAT 2017’ event will have a participation of more than 1500 businessmen/ entrepreneurs from various SME industries from across India, who will exchange business referrals and explore partnerships, to enable them to take the leap from regional to national players. The One Day conference would comprise of business expo of participants from across the nation, business exchange opportunity, eminent speakers, showcase Telangana’s rich heritage and culture and a national level exposure to local SME’s and entrepreneurs.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Bharath Shah said, GONAT Expo 2017 will give impetus to the Hyderabad based SMEs, by creating an opportunity to showcase and interact with BNI members from across India, under one roof. The business expo will have about 75 stalls of various businesses in unique categories. The event will see thousands of members networking – businessmen from different states interacting on a one-to-one basis.

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