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Can JP 2.0 Reach Out to Youth With His 100 Day Tour?

‘Questioning’ has been reduced to just an attractive element in Indian Politics. Many activists or prominent personalities from other fields, who questioned the existing kind of politics, couldn’t establish themselves as alternatives. In the telugu regional politics, Jayaprakash Narayan has been one of those names. After him Mega Star of Telugu industry tried it unsuccesfully and ate humble pie, one can even say. Mega brother and Power star Pawan Kalyan is the latest enttratnt, as he made questioning the governments itself, his sole agenda till now. However, his party Janasena is yet to reveal any concrete plans to enter real politics.

While PK is making a careful entry, Jayaprakash Narayan and Loksatta, both often seen as one and the same, are trying yet again to rejuvenate their party and really engage people, especially youth for a long-term movement of good politics.

In that regard, JP, who still enjoys the reputation as a leader with honesty and integrity, is making a fresh effort to teach young people to question the corrupt politics. He is planning a 100 days walk through almost all the districts of Andhra Pradesh, to create political awareness among the youth and activate them for a political movement.,

However, the young minds have become more callous to politics these days, owing to the corrupt practices that have been prevalent at each level of politics on all sides. They are mostly walking in the foot steps of the last generation, who mostly confined their politics to their own interest based on caste, region and religion etc. Can JP really make the youth think beyond this sorry state of affairs?

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