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Congress Looking Beyond Rahul?

As AICC chairperson Sonia Gandhi has been unable to be active in the party due to health issues, her son and Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has been trying to make up for her absence touring various parts of the country . However, except for few publicity shows, Rahul Gandhi couldn’t bring any positive force behind the Congress party.

In fact, those inside the Congress party, who called him their prince are now calling him as an impediment. Conditions are changing quickly as the party is losing its momentum except for Punjab elections. So, the discussions have already started about who if not Rahul Gandhi? But, there ain’t coming another option among Congress leaders yet!

Rahul Gandhi’s politics have been immature and disintegrated. He couldn’t gain the confidence of his own party leaders much over the years, much less the common public. Thus, his own party is now having real doubts about his ability to lead them!

Recently, Rahul Gandhi fired on the BJP and RSS for the assassination of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Karnataka, but gone completely silent soon after. Even Rahul did the same over the student suicide incident at the Hyderabad Central University in the past. But, his short in-the-moment criticisms couldn’t earn any credibility what so ever for himself or the party. However, even if the Congress party wants to look beyond Rahul, no names seem to carry the weight. This is the tough state of affairs the Congress is currently in.

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