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Does aesthetics has no value in a logo design?

Whenever I read about the conceptual aspect of logo designing, I get to know that many people including Professional affordable Logo Designers in UK, believe that logo designing is not about aesthetics. An idea is not entirely incorrect but it is neither true. One of the most senior and professional affordable logo designers in UK strongly believe that logo designing is an art and it has to be highly aesthetical in order to function well.

In fact, logo designing has a lot to with aesthetics because a logo that lack on aesthetic cannot grab the attention of the audience and does not impress them. That means it cannot convince them to buy a certain thing or even think good of the brand that the logo is associated with. Aesthetics of a logo communicates quite clearly about the brand and it has the power to depict the standard of the brand. A logo that is aesthetically rich make the audience look longer at the design and increases the chances of them memorizing it. Aesthetics is subjective yet, there are general standards that you can use to know what your audience would find beautiful.

The logo designing is a conceptional game. If you have the skill to use these tools (illustrator or photoshop) you can easily do logo designing for yourself. I am working in web design Dubai company from last year. I have done too many projects and I analyzed that the clients are preferring the logo who have a concept rather than the colourful logos. So, need to improve skill if anyone thinks that there is a lack of knowledge regarding using a tool. There are too many information or tutorials available on the internet you can learn it at free of cost.

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