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Holiest Church Logo Possible

Why churches do needs logos? This was the first thing that clicked my mind when I came across a church logo maker. I thought that church logo maker would not be an idea in the industry of logo makers but while searching about logos and logo maker I came across the church logo maker. I mean I thought only the business firms would require logo or products would need a logo. Logos, in my opinion, are only for the purpose of marketing and how would it be relevant to the church? Why would a church need to market itself? This question embarked a sense of searching for it and I am still looking for the answers to it. Is it really needed? The designs that it has are directly related to the churches and the templates too are directly connected but what is its need and how often do people use it is the real question here? Is there literally a need for such a logo maker? What have companies see that they have made a logo for the church? How is it a good idea to get one of such logo makers?

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