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‘Hyper’ Hypare Song Making in 360 degree VR, first of it’s kind in TFI


‘Hyper’ team, which is riding high on the huge success, is now proudly presenting the making video of ‘Hypare’ song in 360 degree virtual reality, which is the first of it’s kind in the history of Telugu film industry.
14 Reels Entertainment team says that the video is “dedicated to all the Hardworking Crew of Telugu films who always stay in the Background and in the numerous names in the Rolling titles of the films and give us some amazing movies!”
The promotions by the team worked out big time before the release and the post release promotions are even more aggressive. Apart from the interviews to TV Channels, the special shows to government employees, theater visits etc have created buzz.
The Hyper cast and crew, which visited theaters in Nizam, was extremely delighted with the hyper response from audiences.
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