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Kamal’s Sharp Entry Into Tamil Politics

Tamil Nadu has been in a political turmoil ever since the death of Amma. People are fed up of the drama already and are looking for a political change probably. While Super Star Rajinikanth is making a political debut, his friend and actor Kamal Haasan also gave a clarity on his political entry. After the death of Jayalalitha, Kamal even attracted the attention of the state, expressing his strong views on all political and social issues.
Though there are some critics after him, many of the youth, intellectuals and politicians think that Kamal’s prudence would help the society. Kamal has almost also made it clear that he will not be joining any existing party and would be launching his own.
As his political ambitions can’t be fulfilled with the ideologies of any of the existing political parties, the change needed in current Tamil politics can only be brought by him, Kamal seems to believe. Kamal is already looking forward to participate in the upcoming Local Body Elections, reports suggest.
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