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Kamal’s Views on Rajni’s Political Entry

It is well known that politics in Tamil Nadu had been having very close relationship with movies. We can see all the drama and twists of a movie, often in their politics. And the current situation seems to be building up towards a thriller this time for the 2019 elections, with all fresh entrants. The unexpected death of AIADMK Supremo Jayalalitha has triggered it all, and it has been a political turmoil ever since with the BJP at the centre and DMK trying to cash in at this appropriate hour.

As Superstar Rajinikanth is still maintaining his suspense like he has been for a long time to come into active politics, his buddy from a long time, Kamal Hassan has surprisingly came into picture announcing his entry into politics.

Recently, Kamal has made some comments about Rajinikanth in an interview. Suggesting that, his competition with Rajni has been restricted to movies until now, he opined that Rajni’s entry into politics would be a good thing as well. He also said that he would gladly invite Rajni to join his party, which is yet to be launched. “Many times, we have talked about politics and I am ready to work with Rajini in politics, ” Kamal reportedly said.

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