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KCR and Governer insulted OU?

There was a lot of buzz on Osmania University centenary celebrations untill yesterday. The entire Telangana and Students and Alumni of OU expected a grand opening and joyfull celebrations. And added to the hype The President of India came to the celebrations and there were grand arrangements also made to welcome the mega event.

But much to the surprise either the Governor E S L Narasimhan or The Telangana CM KCR, who came to the campus first time in the last three years after becoming CM did not speak a work at the event. The president Sri Pranab Mukharjee was the only person who given inaugural speech at the event in between the the welcome speech was given by OU Vice chancellor S Ramachandram and vote of thanks by Registrar Gopal Reddy. The entire event was wrapped up in just 40 minutes and the cultural programmes depicting the telangana culture were lack luster and so dull.

Than anything else the entire crowd around 15000 who attended for the event expected speech from the Telangana CM. In the program invitation card also it was mentioned that the address to be given by Governor and CM but it was closed abruptly without citing any reason. With all these the students and the alumni were very upset and felt that the CM and the Governor has insulted the OU by not addressing the gathering. Students and the faculty particularly expected some good speech from the CM who came first time to campus after occupying the chair which he got with the agitations of students who faced lot of problems in achieving telangana. What is worse the entire university was escorted by Police and students with valid passes were only allowed and rest are limited to their hostels only. All over university there were barricades and students were kept far away from the dais as if the event is going on in Kashmir.

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