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Killing Game On the Rise Across The World!

Blue Whale Challenge is an online game, a dangeous one, one must say. The participants will have to do a few tasks for 50 days. One has to show video proof for each task. At the beginning of the game, you will be given small tasks. But, as the days pass, it will be issuing alarming orders. Starting with, asking you to watch horror videos early in the morning, you will be asked to cut your hands among variety of other tasks. It even dares you to tell the date that you die.

And the pinnacle comes on the 50th day, when it challenges you to die. It is revealed that those who are already mentally attached to the tasks are committing suicides as part of the game. This Blue Whale Challenge game, which started in Russia in 2013, has expanded to Europe, America and Asia. Hundreds of young people have been killed by this game so far, it is reported. While criticisms arose across the world, governments have been banning it. However, online registrations continue to rise for the deathly game.

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