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Lady Agitates Till Midnight to Meet Power Star

Jyoti, a diehard Pawan Kalyan fan has once again sit for an agitation before the star’s house demanding to meet her favourite hero. She had created drama before Pawan Kalyan’s Jubilee Hills house few years ago as well.

Pawan’s personal security complained to the police after they failed to send her off. The police came down promptly, arrested her and took her to the police station. The disruption Kalyan’s fan created on the road has now become viral in social media.

Jyoti, who surprisingly works as a teacher in Himayat Nagar is a staunch supporter of Pawan Kalyan, an extreme one at it as well. She reached Pawan’s house yesterday and requested to see him. As the security refused to send her in, she waited all through midnight until she lost it.

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