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Modi Waves Downs Opposition?

The combination of Sri Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is continuing their show in each and every elections happening in India except Bihar. Starting with 2014 elections they have started their journey and started giving shivers to all the opposition parties all over India. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi is growing his charisma day by day with uncompramised decision in bringing Indian economy on track and beef up the confidence in each and every citizen of India. The one and only Prime Minister who has roamed the entire world in strengthening the Indian foreign relations and implementing people friendly schemes and taking firm decisions to improve Indian image and economy like Swatch Bhaarat, Jandhan accounts and Demonetization.

BJP president Amit Shah is working in co ordination with all the party cadre in getting the results from all sections. Particularly the complete win in UP elections has raised the BJP’s confidence after the crucial Demonetisation. This has boosted the party men in accelerating its activities to strengthen the party all over India. If you consider the figures of vote percentage of some of the national parties from 1980s there is a gradual fall and for BJP it is raising gradually. And from 2014 on wards there is a rapid fallout in the vote percentage of some of the regional parties like JD(U), SP, BSP, etc.. It may be too early to say whether it is temporary or permanent change.  But if the BJP goes in the same path, no one can stop its growth unless there is a miracle. Now BJP looking to get hold on southern India to increase its strength.

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