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Nandyala Aftermath: Better Allurements Determined the Result?

TDP has achieved great victory in Nandyala. TDP candidate Bhuma Bramhananda Reddy has won by over 27,000 votes, defeating YCP candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy. However, YCP leaders allege that ruling TDP has won the election by using the Police and other officials. There also claim that TDP used rowdies and some TDP leaders have given large sums of money to some big families with influence. Some families were also given motorbikes as gifts, they say. This is the kind of campaign that has won the elction for TDP, the YCP leaders accuse.

Though the Opposition leaders are making these allegations that are yet to be looked into, the party leaders are in despair already. Their Supremo Jagan has been campaigning for almost 12 days, even staying in the city itself. But, all his efforts have goone to dust now, with the defeat. The YCP leaders couldn’t digest it yet as the win is attributed to the better allurements provided by TDP than YCP.

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