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Paritala Family Gunning For Two in 2019!

On one hand, while Chandrababu and TDP is trying to defect more MLAs from YSR Congress to strengthen the Party, unmindful of the divisions that it can lead to inside the party, there are new developments that are going to be a headache too.

Recently Ananthapur district TDP politics were in the forefront for the gang rivalry that exists between Paritala family and other party leaders. The paritala mother and son are gunning for two MLA seats for the 2019 elections making all others jittery.

Paritala Sunita is currently representing Raptadu constituency as MLA. Her son Sriram is being groomed for a political entry for a long time. It was reported that they were earlier eyeing Dharmavaram constituency for him. But, then, it was said that he is just going to replace Sunitha in her constituency only.

But the latest developments suggest that the family is trying hard for two seats in the next election. Making Sreeram replace her in Raptadu, Sunitha plans to get Penukonda seat for herself troubling the current MLA Parthasarathy. While the opposition to Paritala family is closing behind Parthasarathi, it has to be seen what transpires in the upcoming days.

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