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Pawan’s Fans See Blood With Kathi Mahesh

Pawan Kalyan’s fans have been targeting recent ‘Big Boss’ fame and film critic Kathi Mahesh for criticizing their star’s acting and political skills. Mahesh also went on to return the favor by calling the fans as terrosrists. To complex the matters further with Pawan;s fans he sarcastically said Mahesh Babu is a better star than Pawan in Telugu.

Three days ago, after exiting the ‘Big Boss’ show, Kathi Mahesh gave an interview, in which he casually criticised Pawan Kalyan among others. Since then, Mahesh is facing the heat from Pawan’s fans getting a call for every 10 seconds, 10 WhatsApp messages, each second, 10 thousand SMSs and countless emails.

Pawan’s fans even threatened to kill Kathi Mahesh, no less than on a TV show, where he tried to interact with the fans. But, it could only severe things as both Kathi Mahesh and Pawan’s fans are in no mood to back down. In the show, Kathi Mahesh also suggested that Pawan Kalyan himself should apologise to him, at least on twitter, for all the harassment, he is facing from the star’s fans. As usual, the issue became a hot topic in social media.

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