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Revanth Reddy and Komatireddy Bros are looking to Join in BJP!

With the rejoicing victory in Utter Pradesh, BJP is trying to get hold on south India. As part of this BJP president Mr. Amit Shah has started his Seven states tour starting with Naxalbari, Webst Bengal. Amit shah is going to tour Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka and Kerala. Even though the main target is 2019 elections, BJP wants to strengthen the party by inviting popular and active leaders from the other parties to get more no. of seats in Assemble and Parliament elections.

As part of this In telangana, BJP is in touch with some senior leaders from TDP and Congress who can lead the party in this region. Even though there are some hurdles from the local BJP leaders for these new comers, some are in touch with the BJP top leaders at central level and negotiating with them directly for better promises. There is a discussion among political circles in Telangana that TDP senior leader and MLA Revanth Reddy already spoke to Mr. Amit shah with the help of BJP general secretary Mr. Ram Madhav and ready to join anytime. And there is one more news that Komatireddy brothers from Nalgonda are trying their best for a better source to approach the top leaders in BJP to join the party.
Even though some more people are interested to joing, there is a doubt among them that whether BJP will give them due respect in state politics or not. There are some rumors that Revanth reddy is going to be the BJP president and will lead the party for 2019 elections.

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