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Sasikala is going to be released!!

Sasikala who is in jail in the disproportionate assests case in karnataka jail finally got little hope of chances to get released. Her lawyers are trying their best by filing the reveiw petition based on a similar case. In that case the main criminal who was accused died, and so the case was relaxed and the court set free the rest of them involved in the case. Based on this case the lawyers team of Sasikala is aggressive in action to get her released.

In Sasikala’s disproportionate assests case the main accused is Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha ans Sasikala were in jail
earlier to Karnataka High court decision. But the recent supreme court order was against them which was applealed by oppositin i.e. karnataka govt. With the supreme court order Sasikala, who is A2 in the case have to surrendered to the court by leaving her chances of becoming the CM of Tamil Nadu.

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