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Telangana Govt. Avenging A Hostile Poet?

Telangana poet and singer Epuri Somanna was arrested by the Tirumalagiri police in Suryapet district. He was handcuffed and placed in a police station lockup, like a terrorist. And why did the Tirumalagiri Police do all this?

Epuri Somanna has been questioning the failures of the Telangana government and the family regime with his words, poetry and other writings, for some time now. He is fighting against the government tooth and nail and became a target for the Telangana Sarkar. Hence, the Police have started harassing him say his close friends and relatives.

There are quarrels among the family members of Epuri Somanna. In this background, a wife of an MLA from Nalgonda got into the act. As she said, the police put steel shackles on Somanna locked him up, sources suggest. Fellow poets and artists from the State are concerned about these sequence of actions by the Police, who treated Somanna, no better than a serious criminal.

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