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Vishal Returns to Screen As a Witty Detective

Lanky hero Vishal gave a break to his regular romcoms and teamed up with the director of horror thriller ‘Pisachi,’ Miskin, who is known in the Tamil industry for his distinctive style. Miskin, who has been doing films with unknown actors finally got his break with Vishal as well. And their movie, Tupparivalan, a detective film with an action backdrop was out recently. The film is going release this Thursday in Tamil.

The trailer impresses with its narrative, action cuts as well as the short dialogues. With Vishal in a distinctive detective costume as Tupparivallan, the film does make you walk to the theatre. The main story seems to be about breaking a mystery of serial killings. The trailer is intensely intuitive and rakes up interest in the audience.

Besides Vishal, Andrea is playing an important role, while actress Sneha’s husband Prasanna is also in a key role as well. With good expectations, the film is going to the Tamil audience first and soon may get dubbed into Telugu as well. It is said that the movie had a larger budget than all other Vishal’s productions

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