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Chiranjeevi to Sit out in 2019 Elections?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is the only hero in the Telugu film industry, who has reached the magnanimous popularity that the legend NT Rama Rao once had. The hero who has been the number one star for nearly 25 years has lunged into politics, with an aim to give the love back to people through service. Though he couldn’t win as many seats as expected in the polls, 18 per cent was not a small fraction. For whatever reasons, the party was not able to run for a long time and he merged with the Congress in exchange for a RajyaSabha seat and a berth in Union Cabinet for himself. In the 2014 general election, as the Congress lost, his ministry post was gone. But, his tenure is up until 2018 in the Rajya Sabha. With the suicidal decision to divide State, Congress has been washed out in Andhra Pradesh ever since. And along with few other Congress leaders, Chiranjeevi also became inactive ignoring the party meetings as well. He also chose the time to give a re-entry into movies.

However, after the division of the state, Kapus have become the largest caste with about 27 per cent of the state’s population. So, in the last election, all the parties have lured them. Chandrababu also made a false promise that he will bring Kapus under BC category. On the other hand, YS Jagan gave six Lok Sabha seats and 38 Assembly seats to Kapus. But, as Pawan Kalyan came out in support of Chandrababu in the last minute, TDP succeeded in the elections. All the parties are now planning their strategies for the 2019 elections. In that regard, both TDP and YSRCP have reportedly tried to pull Chiranjeevi in. A few days ago, Mega brother Naga Babu also hinted at the same in a web-channel interview. Also, notably, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has clearly said no to inviting his big brother into his party.

Experts opine that Chiranjeevi may opt only YSRCP, if at all he has to choose between the two main parties, as the community of TDP and Kapu community seen as opposites generally. However, Chiranjeevi is reportedly thinking that his fans may have to split if he joins any of the parties. In addition, it may also divide the Kapu vote for PK’s Janasena. Hence, he decided to withdraw from politics for the time being, sources suggest.

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