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Dolly replace SJ Suryah to direct powerstar

Director Dolly is going to replace S J Suryah to direct POWER STAR PAWANKALYAN , NORTHSTAR ENTERTAINMENTPVT LTD’s new movie. Director SJ Suryah received high acclaim for his performance as an actor in the recently released Tamil film ‘Iraivi’. Post release of Iraivi, Suryah has been receiving many offers in Tamil and Telugu as an actor. So he approached Pawan Kalyan to try and adjust shooting dates for their forthcoming film under the Northstar Banner.
But as this would only lead to delay of the Project it was mutually agreed that Suryah will step aside from the role of the Director. Pawan Kalyan after discussion with Producer Sharrath Marar decided to ask Dolly to direct the project. Dolly had earlier directed Pawan Kalyan in Gopala Gopala and both share a very good rapport.

Pre-production work on the film continues and the film is to commence shoot by the end of July.

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