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How do I setup QuickBooks online for my small business?

I am a small-sized business person and running the business online. I am dealing with many small and big-sized customers; hence I have to maintain a big database of daily based financial transactions. Maintaining a big database of the financial transactions manually is really a challenging task, so I want to set up QuickBooks online. I don’t have enough knowledge for Setup QuickBooks Online process. This is a big problem for me, so I want to set up QuickBooks for my small business. So please anyone can share easy ways for setting up QuickBooks online.

When we asked small business owners what the "perfect" accounting software should do, there was one resounding requirement across the board: save time. QuickBooks Online easily lives up to this expectation with the following features.

Automations. QuickBooks Online automates tasks, making accounting less time-consuming and less stressful for small business owners. The software can automate recurring invoices, bill payments, and payment reminders; sync data from bank and credit card transactions; and reconcile and categorize expenses – all of which eliminate the tedious, time-consuming task of manually doing so for every single transaction.

Built-in reports. QuickBooks spares you the task of creating financial reports from scratch, thanks to the software's built-in reports, which include the trial balance, general ledger and 1099 transaction detail reports you'll need come tax time. You can mark the reports you use most as favorites so you can quickly find them at the top of the Reports page. You can also set up the software to automatically run and email reports to you, and you can schedule them for a specific time of day and frequency, such as daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. QuickBooks offers some of the best reports of any company we reviewed.

Automatic backups. QuickBooks automatically backs up your data, so you never worry about whether your books are safe and up to date.

Electronic invoicing. Another timesaving feature is electronic invoicing. You can email invoices to customers through the system, track them, and accept online payments and electronic signatures.

  • Invoice emails are optimized for mobile devices so customers that open them using their phones can view them with ease.
  • If you use Gmail, QuickBooks Online has an app that allows you to create and send invoices directly from your Gmail account. The invoices are then saved both in Gmail and QuickBooks.
  • The project tracking feature that comes with the Plus plan has progress invoicing that allows you to bill customers in increments as you complete certain stages of the job or reach project milestones. The software automatically calculates how much you've billed for the project against the overall estimate.

Integrations. QuickBooks Online integrates with hundreds of third-party applications, including those designed for email marketing, e-commerce, customer relationship management, payment processing, time tracking, payroll services and more. This can save you time by connecting the software to the business programs you already use, allowing you to automatically import, export and sync data in real-time among the different services.

Mobile apps.  Both iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets are available and included with your QuickBooks Online account. Here's what they can do:

  • Create, customize, send and track invoices
  • Take photos of receipts and attach them to expenses
  • Reconcile transactions
  • View customer information, add new customers and message customers directly from the app
  • View dashboard data such as your account balance, profit and loss report, and open current and past due invoices
  • Accept payments on the go and online (after activating QuickBooks Payments)

The various features and reports help show why QuickBooks is widely considered the gold standard of business accounting software. The company offers exceptional services to small businesses at an affordable price.

I hope this will be helpful.

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