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Pawan Kalyan Draws Curtains on Kathi Mahesh Saga

Pawan Kalyan responded to the comments of Kathi Mahesh, but dismissively. Yesterday, when some engineering students went to meet him, he has answered the questions of few journalists regarding the recent social media hot topic. He made it clear that he pays no attention to such publicity stunts. He said that he can’t diminish his stature by going down to the level of those, who try to gain popularity by criticising him. He also requested his fans to stop targeting such people and do some useful things instead. Pawan’s restraint in his response to Kathi Mahesh’s comments is appreciable.

Kathi Mahesh has been a Movie Analyst and Critic. Recently, the Big Boss show made him popular. Speaking on a TV channel, he has made some disparaging comments against Pawan Kalyan, saying one can’t become CM just by questioning the system. That was enough, of course, for Pawan Fans to get into the act. They shared his number publicly through social media and called for an attack on his phone number with several derogatory calls and messages. Finally, Pawan Kalyan brought an end to the drama with his dismissive comments and message to fans.

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